Catharsis is the official literary magazine of Coral Gables Senior High.

Catharsis seeks to represent the community of Coral Gables Senior High by soliciting art from students, alumni, and staff. We publish digital and visual art, photography, foreign language pieces, creative writing (in the form of poetry, prose and drama), screenplays, original music, and other types of media. Catharsis is a completely student-run publication.

Our focus as a magazine is to provide a safe, stimulating, creative platform for students to express themselves through different forms of artistic engagement. Please support us under the financial support tab.

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Art Walk 2019

Catharsis is hosting our annual Art Walk! It will be held on Jan. 10 in front of the new building. Join us as we commend the arts by encouraging artistic students through their art! If interested in participating, click here to fill out a form. Once done, those selected will be contacted.

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